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PASS: Preventing Another Student Suicide

Three-Hour Suicide Prevention Certification Training

Training Program: A 3-hour training that focuses on recognizing suicide warning signs, safety assessment and safety planning for students.

PASS training provides an overview of suicide prevention. PASS training also provides a more in-depth review of depression and suicide, key protective factors, and strategies for managing a suicidal person.


Upon completion of this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of suicide, including risk factors and warning signs.

  • Understand general symptomatic presentation.

  • Feel comfortable in “asking the question,” to start the conversation.

  • Provide intervention.

  • Refer and follow-up.


Unit 1

  • Overview of suicide/college data.

  • Basic terms.

  • Understanding of risk factors, warning signs, and protective factors for suicide.

Unit 2

  • Depression, anxiety, substance abuse, comorbidity (“along with" issues), and hopelessness.

Unit 3

  • Methods of asking.

  • Responding to “yes” answers, “vague” answers, and self-injurious behaviors.

Unit 4

  • Intervention protocol for keeping person safe and conducting risk assessments.

  • Low/medium/high levels of concern and specific suicide assessment instruments (non-clinical).

  • Referral to help.

Unit 5

  • Self-care, take-away card, suicide resources, and reference materials.

  • Final Q & A.

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